Compressor Control Corp
Series 5


  • Series 5 Vanguard Modular, open architecture for complex turbomachinery trains
    • Powerful high-speed processor
    • Secure remote I/O
    • Fast execution speeds
    • Simplex or duplex chassis
    • High resolution time stamping
    • Specialized local I/O
  • Series 5 Reliant Purpose-built, easy-to-use, fixed I/O configurations
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Reliable real-time multitasking
    • Simplex or duplex configuration
    • Local operator interface
    • Multiple loop capacity
    • Local maintenance interfac
  • Series 5 Vantage products
Vantage GP
  • Selectable process control modes
  • Versatile speed control options
  • Automated start-up sequencing
  • Remote operator interface
Vantage GD
  • Outstanding speed control with integrated manual-control capabilities
  • Stable and precise load control
  • Built-in cascade-control loop

  • Minimized downtime, because of the ability to keep the same chassis and cabinet, saving wiring I/O signals
  • Eliminated obsolescence, increased user-defined functions
  • Improved system reliability
  • Improved operator interface for easy navigation
  • Improved maintenance and diagnostics for rapid fault detection
  • Guaranteed sequence of events with controller time stamping