Compressor Control Corp
Series 3++


  • Antisurge controllers
    • Pioneering surge protection
    • Fast, dedicated hardware
    • Integrated loop decoupling u
  • Performance controllers
    • Integrated performance and antisurge control
    • Optimal load distribution u
  • Dual-loop A/P controllers
    • Pioneering surge protection
    • Optimal performance control
    • Integrated loop decoupling
  • Speed controllers for steam turbines
    • Speed and load control
    • Critical and overspeed protection
    • Start-up sequencing
    • Control valve flexibility
  • Extraction controllers for steam turbines
    • Extraction load-sharing
    • Manual control
    • Control valve flexibility
  • Seamless implementation and upgrade Plug-and-play hardware   
  • Faster, with greater flexibility Simplify the setup and commissioning of new systems   
  • Designed for reliability Built to exceed the impressive reliability of its predecessors   
  • Available configurations Accommodates any type of installation