Spectro Inc.
Q200 Series LNF

Applications :

  • True, Repeatable Particle Size and count
  • Coincidence effects
  • Particle opacity Particle characterization
  • Oil condition indicator
  • Dark oils Requires no calibration
  • Automation
Features :
  • Particle Count for all particles from 4 to 100 ?m.
  • Additional ‘non-metallic’ particle count & distribution for all particles >20 microns.
  • Highest saturation limit, up to 5,000,000 particles/ml with a coincidence error <2%.
  • Images through dark fluids containing up to 2% soot with automatic laser gain control.
  • Error corrections for water and air bubbles.
  • Particle counts and codes per ISO 4406,NAV 1638, NAVAIR 01-1A-17, SAE AS 4059, GOST, ASTM D6786, HAL, and User defined bins.
  • Data export formats include AMS Machinery Health Manager.™